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Thank You, Harps!

Harps Grocery Stores provided $12,500 in donations to five area nonprofit agencies.  The monies were the proceeds from this year’s Harps annual golf tournament.  Harps donated $4,000 of the proceeds to Child Advocates of Northeast Oklahoma/CASA to support CASA services in northeast Oklahoma.

A special thanks goes to Harps participating stores – located in Grove, Chelsea, Inola, Salina, and Locust Grove – all communities served by our CASA agency.

Payton Huskey, Harp Store Manager, (center in photo) presented the check to Herb Angle, Board of Directors, and Angela Henderson, Executive Director.

New Ottawa County CASAs

The Honorable Judge Robert Reavis, Associate District Judge in Ottawa County, administered the oath of office recently to three new Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). Those sworn in were Art Bunn, Dana Crow, and Kathy Crow, all of Miami, OK.

CASA volunteers come from all walks of life and these three are no exception. Arthur (Art) Bunn is a retired sales manager who enjoys hiking, skiing, biking, and reading. He shared that he became a CASA volunteer “to assist younger generations to successfully achieve their full potential and to fulfill my personal need to participate.”

Husband and wife, Dana and Kathy Crow, simply want to help children. Dana is a retired teacher who enjoys reading and music, and Kathy is a psychotherapist (LPC) who enjoys sewing, reading, crafts, and grandchildren.


CASA in the Spotlight on the Radio

Recently, Child Advocates of Northeast Oklahoma/CASA has been highlighted through interviews with Ranger Roofing and the KGLC radio station in Miami, OK.

Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma is a local roofing contractor that gives back to the community by raising awareness about various social issues in the Tulsa area and throughout the state by promoting non-profit and non-governmental organizations that work to help alleviate some of the issues.  This month Ranger Roofing is promoting the work of Child Advocates of Northeast Oklahoma on their website through an interview with our agency.  Use this LINK to access their website and read the full interview.

In addition, Angela Henderson, Executive Director, has been interviewed several times on the air with Mike Woodruff, the KGLC station manager.  Use the audio link below to hear a portion of one of the interviews with Angela sharing about CASA and our volunteers.

CANO in the Spotlight on Television

The CASA Training Class, sponsored by Child Advocates of Northeast Oklahoma, also was highlighted in an interview piece by KSN’s news reporter, Erin Sullivan.  Erin interviewed Gayle Hanson, CASA Training Coordinator, and Herb Angle, a new CASA volunteer trainee, during the training class held in Grove.  The newscast gave a good overview of the need for more CASA volunteers in northeast Oklahoma.  To see the full video on the KSN Joplin news station, use this VIDEO LINK

 National Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  We will be featuring “Tips on How to Recognize Signs of Child Abuse” daily on our agency’s Facebook site.  Use this LINK to see the daily posts.

Tips on How to Recognize Signs of Child Abuse

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) volunteers work with abused and neglected children in our communities and see firsthand the ravages of child abuse.

CASA volunteers understand that the first step in stopping child abuse is to recognize the signs of abuse and neglect. Everyone needs to be informed about what constitutes child abuse and to be alert to the signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect.

The Federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act defines child abuse and neglect as, at minimum: “Any recent act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation; or an act or failure to act which presents an imminent risk of serious harm.”

All community members can get involved to help prevent child abuse and neglect. The first step is to learn to recognize the signs of the different types of abuse and neglect. Child Welfare Information Gateway outlines the following types of abuse and neglect:  physical abuse (non-accidental physical injury), neglect, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, abandonment, and substance abuse.

The presence of a single sign does not mean that child abuse or neglect is occurring in a family, but when these signs appear repeatedly or in combination, then a closer look into the situation is warranted.

How can you recognize if a child is being abused or neglected? According to Child Welfare Information Gateway, the following signs may signal the presence of child abuse or neglect when the child:

  • shows sudden changes in behavior or school performance;
  • has not received help for physical or medical problems brought to the parents’ attention;
  • has learning problems (or difficulty concentrating) that cannot be attributed to specific physical or psychological causes;
  • is always watchful, as though preparing for something bad to happen;
  • lacks adult supervision;
  • is overly compliant, passive, or withdrawn;
  • comes to school or other activities early, stays late, and does not want to go home;
  • is reluctant to be around a particular person; and/or
  • discloses maltreatment.

Oklahomans are mandated to report suspected abuse or neglect. According to the Oklahoma Child Abuse Hotline webpage, “Every person in Oklahoma who has reason to believe that a child under 18 has been abused or neglected or is in danger of being abused or neglected is required by law to promptly make a report. Failure to report child abuse is a misdemeanor offense. A person who reports suspected abuse in “good faith” is immune from criminal or civil liability.”

If you suspect abuse or neglect, call the Oklahoma Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-522-3511. Or, if you believe the child is in imminent danger, call 911 or local law enforcement.

For more in-depth information about the signs of child abuse and neglect, download a PDF file entitled, “What is Child Abuse? Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms”. The file is located on the Child Welfare Information Gateway website:  LINK 

Goalcast Lifestory – Tony Robbins

“The more you face your fears, the stronger you become.”

Tony Robbins, a world-famous motivational speaker and performance coach, is featured in this lifestory video produced by Goalcast.  The video illustrates the abuse and neglect that Tony overcame from his childhood.  He reminds us “that through resilience and compassion, we can conquer adversity, and come out stronger.”

“Your past does not equal your future.”

Tony Robbins: The gentle giant with a bad, bad mom

Before coaching Presidents, Hollywood stars and millions more, his upbringing was anything but glamorous. Beaten and ridiculed, Tony Robbins overcame his hardships and conquered adversity through resilience and passion.

Posted by Life Stories on Sunday, April 1, 2018

Goalcast Lifestory – Shania Twain

Shania Twain, “the best-selling female artist in country music history”, is featured in this lifestory video produced by Goalcast.  The video tells the story of how Shania over-came childhood abuse to become one of the best-selling music artists of all time, winning five Grammies and selling over 100 million records.


“I’m neither embarrassed of who I am, where I come from, what I’ve experienced. 

This is actually who I am.”

Shania Twain: From plastic-bag boots to world-famous pop star

How could Shania have possibly succeeded? Dirt-poor, freezing cold, and abused, the odds were stacked against her from the start, but brave Shania stood tall in the face of struggle, and her unlikely journey to success is an inspiration.

Posted by Life Stories on Friday, April 20, 2018

CASA Volunteers Serving Quapaw Tribe

Quapaw Chairman John Berrey and Melinda Stotts, Vice President of the CASA Board of Directors

In September 2017, Child Advocates of Northeast Oklahoma/CASA made a formal agreement with the Quapaw Tribe to provide Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) for abused and neglected children under their tribal jurisdiction.  CASA staff and volunteers are excited about expanding their services to the Quapaw children.

A tribal judge will assign CASA volunteers to cases of child abuse and neglect within the tribal court system.  Once assigned to a case, the CASA volunteers have the power to observe the child’s situation, report to the court, make recommendations and ask for changes that are in the best interest of the child.  That child will have a “new voice” in the courtroom and a better chance for finding a safe, loving forever home.

Jon D. Douthitt, District Court Judge for the Quapaw Tribal Court, was instrumental in getting this agreement formalized. Judge Douthitt is delighted to see it come to fruition.  He stated, “Children can be lost in the shuffle during legal proceedings that will profoundly affect them.  CASA works to make sure that these children’s interests are protected and that the impact of the court proceedings on them is reduced to the extent possible.”

In the 1800’s, the Quapaw Tribe, like so many other tribes, was relocated to a reservation in Oklahoma Territory. Most of the Quapaw people still live in the state today. The Tribe’s headquarters, which is located in Quapaw, OK, lies within the 13th Judicial District which CANO currently is serving.  This expansion into the Quapaw Tribal Court is a “win-win” for all involved

“This is an important step in assuring all Tribal members’ children and other citizens’ children are safe and well cared for in our communities. This goes to the heart of our values, as family-oriented people.  So, we are honored to be part of the CASA system,” said Quapaw Chairman John Berrey.

CASA Board President Susan Young added, “The board members of Child Advocates of Northeast Oklahoma are very happy to have the opportunity to provide CASA services to the Quapaw tribe. We look forward to working with Judge Douthitt, Chairman Berrey, and the Quapaw Tribal Courts to assure the safety and security of all the tribe’s children.”

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